Saturday, September 27, 2014

John Fallon's The Shelter is almost complete

Just a quick note on this gloomy Saturday morn to let Basementites know our bro John Fallon's flick The Shelter is almost done. As in 100-per-cent ready for the viewing public.

The Shelter filmed in New Orleans in January and has been in post production -- editing, scoring, sound design, special effects etc since. Word has it from John himself that post should be complete by the end of October.

Our own Shawn is working hard on the film's score while sound designer Colby Huval provides a potent layer of, well, sound. Null Effects is hammering away on several special-effects shots.

I've seen a rough cut of The Shelter and it's great. John's really knocked one out of the park. Can't wait to catch the finished version in the new year, when it's expected to make the festival rounds.

Here's a few more stills for your eye holes:

The Shelter was written and directed by John Fallon and stars Michael Pare, Gayle James and Rachel Whittle. Keep up with the flick via it's official Facebook page.

Source: John Fallon

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