Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Interview: Sledge director Kristian Hanson

Sledge is a horror/comedy that's getting a lot of good buzz on the indie circuit. It's a spoof where the psychopathic killer not only believes he's living a movie or video game, but that he's the star of the story.

The flick hit VOD earlier this month and lands on DVD Oct. 7. The Basement took a few minutes to engage writer/director Kristian Hanson in a Q&A about the movie and how it came to be.

Jason: Kristian, where did the idea for Sledge come from? It looks like 80s slasher movies are a pretty big influence.

Kristian: Yah I'd definitely say they had a major impact on Sledge and on my life. I grew up watching Child's Play and the Nightmare on Elm Street. However, when I saw Halloween at the age of 12 or 13, I was hooked and it instantly became my favourite horror franchise.

Jason: Did it start out as a straight-up horror flick? Or did you intend to bring humour into the mix all along?

Kristian: It was always going to be funny with the humour, but as we filmed, the humour became more and more prevalent. We joked that we started off among a horror comedy film and finished with a comedy horror due to lack of budget and allowing people to have fun with their characters and script.

Jason: You’re on board as writer, director and star. How did you juggle all three roles as a first-time filmmaker? Or was that the only way to get ‘er done?

Kristian: It was always planned that I would do this and wear all of these hats. Having written the movie, I had the chance to change things as we went to make certain changes to help with the flow. Overall, I did it to get it done, but it wasn't difficult juggling all of the responsibilities because it honestly went so smooth.

Jason: What is the distribution plan for Sledge? Where can fans find it?

Kristian: Sledge has world wide distribution from Maxim Media International under Brain Damage films. The distribution is worldwide and comes to VOD on September 2nd and DVD October 7th. You can get the DVD and Bluray from www.sledgemovie.com and it will be signed by most of the cast.

Jason: What got you interested in making movies?

Kristian: To be honest, just watching them. I have loved movies since I was a little kid and especially horror. I saw Child's Play when I was five and instantly was hooked. 

Jason: What’s next for Kristian Hanson?

Kristian: I recently produced another film titled BB. It is a thriller film about the world of cam girls where I play the villain character. You can see the trailer and our other short films atwww.chpfilms.com. You can reach out to me at @sledgemovie on twitter orFacebook.com/sledgemovie. I run all the sites and twitter so feel free to reach out to chat anytime about horror films. 

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