Friday, August 8, 2014

The Pact 2 trailer delivers

OK, I admit I didn't have high hopes for The Pact 2, given the first flick was one of the finest, self-contained horror movies I've seen in a long time. But I'm beginning to change my tune now that I've seen the trailer for Patrick Horvath's sequel.

We don't apologize in The Basement, but we do admit we're wrong on rare occasions.

Check it:

Yeah, looks pretty intense and creepy. And how cool is it that The Pact star Caity Lotz figures heavily in the film, which I didn't anticipate at all? Awesome.

The Pact 2 picks up a few weeks after the events in the original, with a woman's carefully constructed life coming unravelled due to a series of nightmares relate to the first movie.

IFC Midnight releases The Pact 2 on VOD Sept. 5 and in theatres Oct. 10. I'ma gonna watch this one for shizzle!

Source: IFC Midnight

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