Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shawn versus The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Hello Basementites, Shawn here. I'm a big fan of superheroes. Next life, I'm gonna be one. This life, I love being the villain.

Spider-Man is one of my favorite "heroes". In order (not that this means anything but) Superman, Hulk, Spider-Man. The big 3.

So here we are, with a rebooted franchise. My HUGE nagging question is: WHY?  I mean, there are no leaps and bounds made in the CGI tech from the last set.  Which started in only 2002 and ended in 2007

Sure, Tobey is old now. But why reboot from the beginning. Just replace him and continue on.

I made absolute fun of the last Maguire 3 and call them the Mary Jane movies. With a little Spidey in them. You could take all three of the Tobey Maguire Spidey movies, cut out most to ALL, of the Kirsten Dunst scenes and make one epic Spidey. (minus Venom casting, but we'll get into that later)

This movie suffers the same fate.  As it isn't the Mary Jane movie, but the Gwen Stacy affair. I will definitely admit that Emma Stone is awesome. Kirsten Dunst was annoying.I even heard she wanted to kill off Spider-Man and have his baby. (as an idea for a 4th). Fuck her. Emma Stone got the job done in this one. Her fate was relieving to me as well. Just because I don't care to see anymore super love stories in Spider-Man movies. Spoiler-ish alert.

Casting: what the hell?  Tobey Maguire was the worst idea for Peter Parker, however, seemed to pull it off. Andrew Garfield seemed even more clunky of a fit. However, his "wit" from behind the mask was better than Maguire's. There was some BIG misses for me in the casting. (Harry Osborne, for one) But the same held true to the other Spider-Man movies. I liked James Franco more. And I can't believe I just said that.

I could make a list of the hit and misses from both, do a pie chart and graph..but fuck that. It's a movie. I liked some shit and I didn't like some shit.

I'm still trying to figure out why they rebooted it so soon. I don't mean to be so comparative, but the last franchise wasn't that long ago and the Spidey sequences were great in both. Nothing really leaped out at me to say, this is why. It's not like it was the difference between Superman Returns and Man Of Steel. The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 just seemed too humble for a hero movie. Electro was a pretty wicked villain but he too, fizzled out.....

Also, loved Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben.

It just doesn't seem to have it all together, seemed messy and all over the place.  I give this a Bad.
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