Thursday, June 12, 2014

Old habits die hard in the full Equalizer trailer

Seems like just yesterday that Sony released the first, action-packed trailer for Denzel Washington's new flick The Equalizer. Well, the studio has unleashed another look at this adaptation of the 1980s TV show, and it's really something else.

Yup, there's less action on display here, but we get more of a feel for the story and the elements which, I am sure, have test audiences going gaga for this flick.

And yes, there is action. Fear not, action fans.

I think this is gonna be really, really good. Violent action, some introspection and a whole lot of Denzel doing what he does best. And Antoine Fuqua is the right director for a flick like this. If you're thinking Olympus Has Fallen, think further back to Training Day and you get the point.

The Equalizer co-stars Melissa Leo, Bill Pullman and Chloe Grace Moretz. It opens everywhere Sept. 27. I'll be there.

Source: Sony Pictures


  1. Denzel will always be the baddest badass, in the best way ever. This flick looks awesome.

    1. Totally agree Kara. And, as a fan of the series, I am pumped to see this! - J