Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From The Corner: Dead Noon

I'm back again- with yet another swim in the horror genre- this time around, we take a shot at "Dead Noon" (2007)
An old west outlaw rises from the grave in modern times, bringing death with him...

The above blurb probably sounds better than the actually movie was.  This movie was a bloody trainwreck.  The premise had a sort of cool Sam Raimi, "Evil Dead" sort of ring to it.  Too bad it lacked that coolness.

I have a very simple movie watching/reviewing rule: "You don't stop until it's over".  Jay and I wound up breaking this rule within the movie's first 10 to fifteen minutes, it was just that big of an ass hat.  Yes, I swore.  But only because the movie was a big ass hat.

When you can't derive enjoyment from poking fun at a bad movie... when you can't drink the horrible experience away... when you actually turn the movie off soon after starting it... you know that movie is part of The Ugly.

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