Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Shadowing has a producer, director and poster

As some of you may know, I don't just review movies and look good for my age. I'm also a screenwriter with a couple of projects on the go, one of which has taken a big step toward hitting the silver screen.

Producer Christopher White of MTV's My Super Psycho Sweet 16 and The ABCs of Death has teamed up with my bro John Fallon (that's us sharing a drink in the picture above) and his company Bruise Productions to bring The Shadowing to life.

What's also awesome is John, who recently completed his feature directorial debut The Shelter, will direct this action/sci-fi/horror hybrid. I've seen some footage from The Shelter, and it looks slick.

I wrote The Shadowing from a story of John's, and it's a pretty relentless flick in the vein of Predator. Here's what Christopher has to say about the project:

"John sent me The Shadowing and it read like a really cool 80s throwback action flick. It's fast paced, violent, and has enough testosterone-packed action to make Schwarzenegger and Stallone giddy like a couple of gossiping school girls. It's going to be fun to make this movie with a long-time friend of mine."

John shares his thoughts on The Shadowing:

"The Shadowing has been a pet project of mine for years. It has all the elements I personally look for in terms of a good time at the movies. I am elated to have Christopher White on board. We've known each other for eons and I am looking forward to seeing the project through with him. And directing something completely different and more action oriented than The Shelter is very appealing to me."

Wanna know what I think about all this? Tough, you get to hear it anyway:

"John Fallon told me about The Shadowing back in 2012, when he was a guest of honour at a genre festival I co-hosted. At the time, I thought it'd make a great movie, and I was excited when he asked me if I wanted to write it a few months later. I'm damn proud of the finished script, and I know audiences are in for a ballsy and intense ride."

Enough of the words. Here's the damn poster already:

A group of Special Forces soldiers on leave after a successful mission in Iraq head to a cabin in the mountains with their wives and children for some well-deserved relaxation. As night falls, it brings an unexpected and particularly strong snow storm that forces everyone indoors. The next morning, the men awake to find their children dead and better halves missing, with the only clue to their disappearance an odd pair of footprints in the snow. Panicked, the men fall back on their military training. They arm themselves and head into the wilderness to find their spouses. What they encounter will prove cunning, deadly and not of this world.

The Shadowing is in development, with the producers looking at cast and are in the process of securing financing. You can track the flick via its Facebook page.
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