Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday the 13th TV series on the way

Given the varied success of A&Es Bates Motel and NBC's Hannibal, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone thought of bringing the story of Crystal Lake's least favourite citizen to the small screen.

Turns out that someone is Friday the 13th creator Sean S. Cunningham and horror documentarian Dan Farrands, as a TV series about the life and times of Jason Voorhees is indeed on the way.

How does an ongoing series tackle a subject matter like this? By focusing on the eclectic characters who live at Crystal Lake and how they deal with the return of a masked killer. The show will also explore the Voorhees clan, and flash back to various points in the family and setting's history.

Sounds ambitious, and certainly has nothing in common with the Friday the 13th TV series of the late 1980s. Some fans -- like myself -- will likely think there's no way to pull off a show based on the famed movie franchise. But Bates Motel and Hannibal earn critical and fan acclaim, so why not Friday the 13th?

Stay tuned, and stick with us!

Source: Friday the 13th Franchise
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