Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arnold is looking . . . old in this latest Terminator image

The second day of filming just wrapped on the new Terminator movie, which means another pic from the set. Don't worry, we're not going to hit you with new pics every day . . . unless we feel like it that is.

Although excited about the prospect of a new Terminator movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, it must be said the former governator is starting to show his age.

I mean, just look:

Don't get me wrong, I dig Arnold a lot. He's my fave action hero from my youth and I've loved seeing his comeback of sorts with the Expendables films and The Last Stand. But he's a hero from my childhood, and I'm sure as shit not looking as young as I used to. It must be said, neither is he.

I hope director Alan Taylor and everyone involved with this Terminator can pull off Arnold's return, and that includes Schwarzenegger himself. A part of me is starting to worry this won't be the case.

Also, the official release from Paramount Pictures announcing the start of production listed the flick as Terminator and not Terminator: Genesis. A title change perhaps?

Source: TheArnoldFans
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