Friday, March 7, 2014

Go behind the scenes on John Fallon's The Shelter

Post production on our bro John Fallon's feature directorial debut The Shelter got underway last week. That means Shawn's going to be busy scoring the flick very soon.

John, along with star Michael Pare, producer Donny Broussard and other crew members took some time to discuss the supernatural thriller and their experience making the film in a great article at Arrow in the Head. You can read an excerpt below.

"So once I got on set and yelled action for the first time, there was no room for any other thought or emotion than 'get it done.' On paper, the shoot was a suicide mission. It had been a while since I had been challenged this much in something I took on, and I relished every micro second of it."

That was John discussing his role as director on a project that took him three years to write and another two to get off the ground. Anyone who thinks making a movie is easy or arty doesn't have a clue. This I already know as a novice in the industry.

I strongly suggest you head over to Arrow in the Head and read the rest of the article. Click here to get 'er done.

You can stay updated on The Shelter via its Facebook page.

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