Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Mischief Night movie headed our way

No, this isn't a sequel to the Mischief Night we reviewed earlier this year. It is in fact the same Mischief Night mentioned on this site before we even knew about the Mischief Night that stars the brother of the guy who starred in Sliders.

Travis Baker's flick will finally see the light of the day via After Dark Originals, which is part of Lionsgate yo, who unleashed a new trailer today. And we have it for yah.


A babysitter is stalked by a masked intruder on the night before Halloween. However, because this is Mischief Night, nothing is as it seems.

Yup, that's Malcolm McDowell as some spooky night watchman. Anne Smith plays the babysitter. I thought this Mischief Night looked interesting when we previewed it two years ago, and it still does. We'll be checking it out when it hits DVD and VOD on May 20.

Source: Lionsgate
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