Thursday, January 23, 2014

RoboCop throws down with ED-209 in this new clip

Finally, we get to see some of the action on display in the new RoboCop, which hits theatres next month. Given the flick is rated PG-13 for gun violence, there's an appropriate amount of shooting in this clip.

Guns, guns, guns, as Clarence J. Boddicker once said.

Although still primed for this reboot, my excitement is dwindling. Sure, we're gonna get a super-glossy and polished RoboCop, but the film does lack some of the heart, soul and grit of the original. This is a remake, so I shouldn't be surprised.

When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) -- a loving husband, father and good cop -- is critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer.

RobCop reports for duty Feb. 12.

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