Sunday, January 19, 2014

New RoboCop TV spot will take you dead or alive

We're less than a month away from the release of the RoboCop reboot, and I'm still primed to see it.

Sure, this isn't the RoboCop I grew up with. And, as Suzanne Cappelletti pointed out, the black suit does make him look kinda like a rejected Cylon. But this still looks like a decent bit of Hollywood escapism. Would I have been happier with an R-rated RoboCop? Yes. But this is 2014. That just doesn't happen.

The latest TV spot landed during the weekend. It reveals a little more about the plot and delivers a couple of the trademark RoboCop phrases. I think Joel Kinnaman is going to do just fine as Robo, and the supporting cast -- which includes Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson -- is solid. We'll know for sure when the flick opens Feb. 12.

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