Friday, January 31, 2014

Enough with the previews for previews already

A trend has developed during the last couple of years, a trend of teasing movie trailers. You know, those things that play before a flick that's supposed to make you want to watch the damn thing?

Well, seems it's not enough to have a trailer anymore, or even a teaser trailer. Now Hollywood thinks we need a trailer for the damn trailer. What do you need a trailer for a trailer for? Isn't that the teaser trailer's job?

Apparently not.

The first movie to employ the movie trailer trailer was Prometheus. As a one-off idea, I accept it. Today trailers appeared online teasing the Big Game spots that will run during Sunday's Super Bowl. I like the Big Game spots. I'm going to seek them out during the Super Bowl or after the game. I don't need a 15-second trailer telling me to tune in during the Super Bowl to see more of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer.

Yeah, I got suckered in by that one and I nearly punched out my computer monitor. Fucker!

People shit on J.J. Abrams for his viral marketing campaigns and tendency NOT to give too much away about his films before they open. Say what you will, at least he builds anticipation for his films WITHOUT giving much away. Kinda like the good 'ole days of moving marketing.

This is a retarded marketing trend that needs to stop. I'm tired of seeing all the good footage for a movie before it even opens. It's enough to drive me to drink . . . if I hadn't taken up the hobby already.

Stick with us!
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