Saturday, August 10, 2013

UPDATE: Jason goes Traumatic Cinematic

UPDATE! Just a note, the episode was unable to land today as planned :( Will keep you posted on when you can hear my thoughts, and those of MuGumBo and Manifesto, on Frankenstein's Army!

No, I'm not jumping ship and leaving The Basement. No way, no how. Shawn and I threatened that at one point, and quickly realized this is home. Good 'ole home.

But I was invited by Lewis Cougill, AKA MuGumBo to join himself and Dave "Manifesto" Gibson for the third-season premiere episode of his Traumatic Cinematic podcast. The film he put on the chopping block? Frankenstein's Army.

Now, I'd already shared my thoughts on Frankenstein's Army right here, but couldn't resist the opportunity to sit in on MuGumBo's show. He and I have shot the shit since he launched his hit podcast almost two years ago. He's the dude who created the #twitflix hashtag that I often tweet under when reviewing movies.

The episode recorded last night and I had a blast rappin' movies with Lewis and Dave. A very tight show. It lands on Wednesday, and I will be directing you Basementites to that shit when it hits. You won't regret the hour of your time, trust me.

As for Shawn and I, we're back in The Basement on a regular basis this October, with two episodes a month coming your way guaranteed.

Wanna know more about Lewis and his show? Check out Traumatic Cinematic by clicking the link!

Stick with us!

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