Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jason versus Under the Bed

There's few things cooler than watching a movie made by or starring a past Basement guest. It's the cat's ass really. Last season we interviewed director Steven C. Miller about his brilliant slasher flick Silent Night, and he dropped some deets about an earlier effort, Under the Bed, that had yet to be released.

Well, it's out now bitches. And I've seen it!

The premise is shit simple: two brothers team up to battle a creature that lives under the bed. Sound corny? Well, the final product sure isn't. It's like an R-rated Amblin Entertainment flick from the 80s, only sombre.

Steven does a lot here with very little. The cast is limited, as are the locations. And sadly not enough of Eric Stolze's script is developed for my liking. This is a slow burn that burns a little too slow, in my opinion.

Fortunately the final act really delivers the goods. We get gore, scares, a couple of laughs and even some suspense that would make John Carpenter proud. And Steven peppers a few such thrills throughout the rest of the movie too.

Again, Under the Bed was made pre-Silent Night, and I can see how this flick earned Steven the chance to make his seasonal slasher. This is a decent, albeit flawed film. But it's one I will watch again, as it's entertaining and satisfying enough.

A Good.

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