Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shawn VS Iron Man 3

I walked into this movie with some expectations; two Iron Man movies, plus an Avengers movie, in the bank . . .

Of course I dug them. As superheroish movies go, Iron Man has become my favourite. For now. Waiting for Man of Steel though.

As always, this was a high priced "hooker" that knew her job and completed it with complete satisfaction at the end.

There really is only one gripe: Tony Stark is a hero in the suit. He is just a man without it.

Let's remember that for next time.

Movie = Good.
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  1. Liked it a lot more than the second one, but the first will always rank highest in my book. Nice review Shawn.

    1. Will pass this on to the Bad Man! Thanks for posting Dan. And I agree, the first is great stuff - J