Monday, June 24, 2013

Jason versus Man of Steel

Normally I start spewing thoughts on a movie onto this site before the credits stop rolling, but I waited with Man of Steel. Not because I didn't dig the shit out of it -- I did -- but the flick got out after midnight and I'm old, so I went home and got some sleep. You know how it goes ;)

Everyone knows the story of Superman, so there's no point regurgitating it here. This take, although true to the character's origin, makes a few changes as to how it plays out, especially if you, like Shawn and I, are most familiar with the Richard Donner version.

Director Zack Snyder and producer/co-writer Christopher Nolan took the classic character and, much as Nolan did with Batman, made him grittier and easier to relate to. He's still a beacon of hope for the human race, but I didn't cringe writing that (I usually find beacon-of-hope stuff gay). Instead, I dug Superman's story and found much truth in it. This is a Superman I can relate too and root for. I've never been able to say that about previous incarnations.

There's a lot of humanity and heart to the Snyder/Nolan version. Pretty much every scene with Ma and Pa Kent made me weepy (laugh at me and I'll kick your ass) and I dug that Clark Kent/Superman battled internal demons and doubt as well as invaders from his home planet of Krypton.

About those invaders: Michael Shannon's Zod almost made me forget that Terrance Stamp took a stab at the character. The wrath he brings to Earth and against Kent/Superman is awesome and frightening to behold. The fact he believes his actions are justified makes him even scarier. Every great action movie needs a great villain, and Zod is a great villain.

Finally, Man of Steel gives us the Superman combat we've been waiting for. The fight scenes are big and breathtaking. Whole city blocks are destroyed. And it looks great. THIS is what Hollywood is good at -- spectacle. And when spectacle has a heart, as it does with Man of Steel, us film geeks get a slam dunk!

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