Monday, April 22, 2013

Jason versus The Monster Squad

Yeah, I've been reviewing a lot of flicks from my youth lately. The Last Starfighter, The Black Hole, and now The Monster Squad. Being one who over thinks things, I wonder if I'm having a belated mid-life crisis. Or maybe I just feel like watching some old movies? Stick with me!

Dracula is alive. In fact, he plans to rule the world and that is why he seeks the help of other legendary monsters. However, a bunch of kids regarded by their peers as losers uncover the devious plan and prepare for a counter strike. 

The Monster Squad pretty much bombed when it came out, but it's well regarded among genre buffs as a classic of the 80s. This is when kids' movies had mild profanity, bloody violence, showed a girl in her bra and panties, and even mentioned whether or not she's a virgin. And yes, parents were OK with this.

Oh, how I miss those days.

Nostalgia aside, The Monster Squad doesn't hold up as well as Starfighter and Black Hole. It's still a decent watch, with some funny lines and great performances by Duncan Regehr as Dracula and Tom Noonan as Frankenstein. But there's no sense of menace and although made on a decent budget -- by 1987 standards -- the effects are weak. 

My beers and I enjoyed seeing The Monster Squad again, but I doubt I'll revisit it any time soon. I gotta give it a Bad.

PS: Is it just me, or should Corey Feldman have been cast as Rudy? Ryan Lambert does a fine job, but Feldman would have owned it!  
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