Monday, March 4, 2013

Will "Batman" actor "bale" on a "Justice League" movie?

One thing that entertainment news shows and websites have in common is that they report on rumours floating around the ether in regards to upcoming movie projects and the names that might possibly be attached to them.

This article continues in that proud tradition of saying, "Here's some juicy movie gossip".

In the wake of the extremely popular "Avengers" movie- and even before it, there has been rumours of Warner Bros. and DC Comics putting out a "Justice League" movie.  The current round of rumours surrounding this project are pretty much as follows:
1.  Warner Bros is courting Christopher Nolan of the recent "Dark Knight" trilogy to be involved with pretty much EVERY superhero project at the studio.  Nolan is also responsible for bringing Superman to audiences with "Man of Steel".  This rumour has been enhanced by the fact that a re-write of the "Justice League" script was ordered a few months ago;
2.  Zack Snyder is also supposedly tapped to work as producer on this movie;
3.  Batman himself- Christian Bale is possibly being wooed in order to return as Batman in "Justic League", with Henry Cavill coming back in his role of Superman.

Some reports say that Warner Bros is doing what they can to make the script appealing enough for Bale to return as Batman.  However, rumour also has it that he may be asked to star in a "World's Finest" movie based on the Batman and Superman team-up comic.

In my opinion, having Christiam Bale play Batman in a "Justice League" movie would be fitting- but it might also be walking that fine line between the gritty realism of the "Dark Knight" trilogy and the slightly more fantastic tone that accompanies the Superman character.  At present though, before this movie can be made, the studio should introduce two of the main founders of the Justice League- Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter.

I also have to wonder if the recently unpopular Green Lantern of the CGI suit will make an appearance...

Source: io9

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