Friday, March 1, 2013

Shawn and Greg versus Gless and The Mockingbird


Shawn: I now have a NUMBER one most hated movie. I know I understand this movie, and can say it IS definitely film festival material. For sure. Not my style at all. It began in darkness and each minute forward, it became more and more abrasive, like petting a cat backwards. I ended up loathing it by the end. The actors were not what I was used to, as they seemed to be "theatre" people. Ha ha. Which is fine, but not my thing, even less when coupled with this artsy, articulated wordy venue. I'm sorry, but I found it too complex, in a sense, to enjoy. That is my simplicity, and makes it an UGLY.

Greg: Hey Basement Fans! It's Game Time With Greg, not Jay this week. We have a couple of movie reviews for you guys from Herbivore Productions. First up we have the self-inflicted, image-distorted and mental-struggle horror movie called Gless. We will start off with a warning... it's all black and white. So don't try to fix your TV. With that being said, the lack of colour helps try to set the mood and feel for the movie. But the imagery, low-end film effects and lack of colour helps the message gets lost. The plot, which tries to show the struggle the main character has as she slowly loses herself to her own internal conflicts and demons, has a hard time battling with imagery throughout each scene. Which almost puts the viewer into there own mental struggles. The story picks up with an addition of a mental persona named Bless. But even then the movie loses its hold on the viewer. You could say that the imagery and plot seem to have there own mental struggle as to which one will try to win in this movie. The only way to call this movie is Ugly.

The Mockingbird

Shawn: Really, this movie could have been inserted into any point of the other movie, and it really wouldn't have made a difference. I didn't like this movie either. Although it was more tolerable than the other. But only slightly... with a few really neat imagery things. And someone being hung by their own intestines, makes for mindless fun. So, sadly, I could not appreciate either of these movies as they were supposed to be. This one gets an Ugly as well. Even though the women were beautiful. UGLY

Greg: Not to be confused with To Kill a Mockingbird. Believe me, this is not the anything close to the old movie/book you might have had to read in high school. Again, another black and white warning. If you can get passed the lack of colour this movie will hold you due to a better story that gives you some background history on the characters. The film effects and imagery is toned down with the presence of a stronger story and more in-depth characters. The story tells of two sisters, Madelyn and Evelyn, with the task of caring and looking out for each other during their lives. An evil persona, with way better mask design, is shown and the story seems to hold you until the end. The effects and imagery needed is down due to better acting. Even the ending has a AAA movie twist to it. An overall Bad is needed for this movie. *Spoiler* But how can you go wrong with a movie that has someone getting hung by there own intestines. I would say keep an eye out for Herbivore Production as they are on the right track for the B-movie, twisted, mental/horror genre
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