Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mike S presents: top five actresses I'd like to see in a horror movie

Hey folks, my run of posts for the site will be coming to an end since Jay'll be back from his top secret project soon.  Before then, I wanted to post this Top Five List of actresses I'd like to see in a horror movie.  Now, I'm sure a couple of them have already BEEN in horror movies, but I'd like to see them in something more recent...

So, in alphabetical order (by last name of course to satisfy my OCD):

1.  Gillian Anderson-  I think we can all figure out why she's on the list, right?  "The X-Files".  That and she's hot.  But even more so, she's got the acting chops for a decent horror role.  She can play smart roles perfectly as evidenced by her portrayal of Agent Dana Scully, and is able to balance out quirky characters like Agent Fox Mulder.  In fact, that role helped to demonstrate that she can be extremely versatile, and capable of showing a character's growth during a story with great skill and realism.

Oh... and did I mention that's she's beautiful?

2.  Julie Andrews-  Now, I can hear some of you going, "Whhhaaaat?"  Well, let me explain.  While it's true that she's known for being primarily an actress in family films like "The Sound of Music," "The Princess Diaries," and "Despicable Me", she would be perfect for a horror movie role as a matron of a "cursed" family (a la "Dementia 13").  She has poise, charm, yet is also strong in will and determination.  A horror movie would also give her a chance to show expand her versatility even more.

And as the picture to the side show, she's still a very beautiful woman.

3.  Cate Blanchett-  I've you've ever seen "Elizabeth", or The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, you can probably see one of the reasons she's on this list- rawr.  But not only is she gorgeous, but she's also got some serious acting chops.

It's not easy to portray a character like Queen Elizabeth I- a role that was only enhanced by the fact that with red hair, she LOOKS like the famous queen.  But her acting skills are really nicely high lighted in LoTR, because while she delivers her lines with an impassive face, her eyes experess so much at the same time.

I could see her playing the role of a domineering mother in a "Psycho" type of movie.

4.  Maggie Smith-  While she may not be able to classified as a "hottie" (she was gorgeous in her youth though), she makes this list due to her charm, and skill as an actress.  Whether she's playing a slightly confused woman in "Nanny McPhee Returns", or as the matronly Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter movies, she brings strength, wit, and charm to her characters.

As with Julie Andrews, I could see her in the role of a family matron living under a "curse"- or as a dominering mother.  Or even as an senior citizen being stalked and beseiged by a gang of hoodlums, and finally snapping to take them out.

And let's be honest... would YOU want to see this woman take a baseball bat to some punk trying to invade her house... maybe even an electric carving knife?  Hmmmm...  Yeah, you can see it too..
5.  Emma Thompson-  Another beautiful woman- one that I've held a small crush on since I saw her in "Back to the Future".  From that movie, through her TV show "Caroline in the City", and even her role in "Howard the Duck", I've always enjoyed watching her performances.

She's got a youthful, energetic look to her that I would to see brought to a horror movie.  I could see her as an elementary school teacher who finds herself dealing with a new student that turns out to be something much more terrifying.

Well, folks- there you have it.  My top five actresses I'd like to see in a horror movie.  Which actresses would YOU like to see in a horror film?  Let us know at!

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