Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Marcus Dunstan is ready to unleash The Collected

Shawn and I are ready to share our thoughts on The Collection -- the sequel to Marcus Dunstan's The Collector -- tomorrow night (same Bat time, same Bat channel). The Collector was an OK horror outing, but The Collection is supposed to take things to the next level.

Now we've learned that Dunstan has written a third film in the series. And he shared some deets with the folks at Crave Online. Here's what he had to say:

"It is Collected right now. The first movie sets up The Collector, the second movie is about The Collector’s collection, and the third movie is about a couple of people he has collected," Dunstans said.

He continued, "We already have written a little origin, and the origin -- if we ever are so fortunate as to make that -- really kind of answers everything in about five minutes. So I think that would be fun, to see it. And then you just understand, oh, here are some of the iconic visuals that we’ve anchored around this villain, [and] where they all stem from, how that became part of his DNA".

So what are the chances of this bad boy seeing the light of day?

"It’s already written, it’s good to go, but I think that a lot of people have to see and enjoy The Collection to justify going out into the trenches one more time, but man, it’s a brutal tale and I think, once again, it tries to reinvent how we approach a sequel so that it doesn’t feel like one. You know, so it feels like it earns a place, [it’s] its own original movie and a satisfying film that just happens to have characters that we have grown to appreciate from a previous entry."

There you have it. I don't want to say too much about a third film until we get to share our thoughts on The Collection with our listeners. But good on Dunstan for having another movie ready to go. Not every film needs to be a franchise, but . . .

Source: Crave Online
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