Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus Deadfall and Extracted


Jason: Deadfall was a tough movie to figure out. I had no idea where it was going the entire running time. Nor did I know if it was a crime movie, drama, love story, character study or bad to the ass action flick. In the end, it was all of these. But ultimately went nowhere, which is its one big flaw. Eric Bana was awesome. He was the baddest motherfucker around; a complete asshole. Director Stefan Ruzowitzky knows how to shoot a movie. The opening car crash and snowmobile chase at the midpoint are thrilling. There's lots to like in Deadfall, but not enough to make me want to watch it again. A Bad from me.

Shawn: Eric Banana, you were able to do something Nicolas Cage will never be able to do. I hated you. I loathed a movie with "Eric Bana" in the credits. However, YOU redeemed yourself here. I really dug this movie, your performance, along with other veteran/exciting actors. I liked the story, although there were several incomplete side stories that could be built on. Really quite liked it and would likely enjoy another watch. Gotta go with a Good.


Jason: I've gotta give credit where credit is due, this is an original sci-fi story that is one part drama, one part murder mystery. I see shades of Inception here, only without the Hollywood trappings and budget. Actually, this would have been a good TV show, with Tom entering the mind of criminal every week and solving a crime. Writer/director Nir Paniry, you owe me one! As for the movie we got, it's slow. And yappy. But I liked the story and the characters. It gets all its mileage out of the idea and some OK performances, but I wouldn't watch it again. Kudos for trying, but a Bad from me.

Shawn: Interesting. Good. Original. I've already watched it twice. I have no other real description for it, because I haven't really seen anything like it. IT was interesting, and kept my attention. I had no trouble getting through to the end. Great job, for a low budget. Yes, it likely had scientific mistakes, or even simpler ones. But its a B-fucking movie. And I dug it. Good.
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