Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No Dark Fest for 2013

After a couple of days of difficult decision making, Shawn and I have decided not to proceed with a second Dark Fest as part of this year's Kamloops Canadian and International Film Festival.

There are a variety of reasons why, none of them to do with our ability to land films -- we actually had more lined up than we could show -- or guests, as John Fallon planned to return with Dead Shadows. Instead, it came down to timing and our confidence in being able to make a second Dark Fest a success for all involved.

Instead, The Basement hopes to arrange a screening or two of genre cinema later this year. We thank everyone who came out and supported us last year, and who continue to do so every week. This season of our show has been the most successful yet, and we hope to keep sharing that success with all you Basementites.

We also thank everyone involved with the Kamloops Film Society for giving us a chance to share our morbid passion with the masses. You all rock!

As always, stick with us!
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