Thursday, January 31, 2013

A state of The Basement redress

A couple of days ago Shawn and I provided an update on our plans for this site and our show. As you can tell from an earlier post tonight, we already proved ourselves liars.

Truth is, aside from saying we're in this for the love of the show, we're backtracking on what we said in that post. Truth is, a few turn of events during the last 24 hours got Shawn and I think deeper about what we do.

We're still all about the radio show/podcast, but we feel we have something pretty special going on with this site and how we do the shit we do.

Yes, we're focusing on quality over quantity, so posts won't be coming at you in crazy numbers. But we will post as often as we can without driving ourselves batshit crazy. And we're not doing this because we want to become rich. We're doing it because we believe in what we do, and so do a core group of fans.

Also, we're not done with the mini-film fest either. All I can say to that is stick with us!

So brace yourselves, Basement Dwellers. The best is yet to come.

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