Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A peek at the World War Z trailer

By way of Entertainment Tonight that is. You know, one of those we've-got-an-exclusive-look-at-Brad-Pitt-fighting-zombies-coming-at-you-in-three-days promotional blurbs delivered in that annoying way that only Entertainment Tonight can do it.

But still, it's a few seconds of footage for a movie that has taken for fucking ever to get made and will likely suck balls once it comes out on June 21st, 2013. I hope it doesn't, but it probably will. Because I have no faith in Hollywood.

The trailer hits Friday, so I'll reserve full judgement on the footage until then. As of right now, I'm indifferent.

Marc Forster directs World War Z, which stars Pitt as a U.N. employee racing against time as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly zombie pandemic.

Give this brief look a watch, and kudos for the fine folks at JoBlo for tracking down the video.

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