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Jason and Shawn review Dead Shadows and The Lost Coast Tapes

Dead Shadows

Jason: I've only got one gripe with Dead Shadows, and that is it left me wanting more. There's a lot of great ideas thrown at us that don't, for whatever reason, get followed up on. That said, none of this affected my enjoyment of what is one bad-ass movie. Not. One. Fucking. Bit.

Our man John Fallon steals the show. He's got leading man charisma and comes on like a young Bruce Willis. Its a shame he isn't the lead because this is his movie. And he puts some serious foot to some creepy mutant ass.

But I can't knock Fabian Wolfrom either. His is an interesting story arc. I also dug the boy-meets-girl-at-the-end-of-the-world romance with Claire. Their scenes work really well without overshadowing what I'm here to see -- the action and freaky shit. And there's a lot of awesome, original freaky shit going on here.

Creepy, amorous spider mutant chick? Fuck me! Never seen that before.

Dead Shadows is an ambitious movie made on a tight budget. I respect that they tried their damndest here. I can't wait for the bigger budget sequel, because I need to see more dammit! I gotta give this a Good. I'm gonna watch it again and again to get my fix, which is more than I can say for most mainstream fair.

Shawn: Well, well, well. Our good 'ole buddy John Fallon. I can’t believe I hung out with a guy that was in a movie as awesome as this. It deserves a lot of attention. It left me wanting way more. I would easily hold it in the same light as Resident Evil. However, I liked the story of Dead Shadows better.

It reminded me of the game Prototype. One of the better games I’ve played. This is what I’ve had a hankering for lately. It Pulled no punches, gave me a giant woman titty spider and melting flesh galore. And a little homage to monster porn (anime of course, you sick fucks).

Really dug this movie, and felt honored to be connected to such a cool movie, by such a cool person.
Not just kissing ass here either. To critique, I wish the story was a little more full or in-depth, but running time, gore, boobies and action kinda got in the way. Fuck, I hope it makes a buttload of money, cause a sequel would be bad ass too.

Good here.

The Lost Coast Tapes

Jason: Finally, a found-footage movie that doesn't feel like a found-footage movie. Too bad that's because The Lost Coast Tapes is lit and staged like a movie. The nighttime fog especially. Real life isn't like that, movies are. This looks like a movie when it's supposed to be real life. Fail.

And I know The Lost Coast Tapes is supposed to be scary, but I found it funny. And that's not a slight against the movie. Writers Bryan O'Cain and Brian Kelsey injected their script with a good sense of humour and the cast, headlined by Drew Rausch, Rich McDonald and Ashley Wood pick up on it perfectly.

Not so for the character of Drybeck. His was a performance, and I never forgot that while watching this. Not good.

I wasn't blown away by The Lost Coast Tapes, but I didn't loathe the viewing I had. I'm gonna give this a Bad and be done with it. Enough with found footage already, please and thanks.
Shawn: Bigfoot hunters.

There was a lot of “Don’t go in there alone!” moments yelled at the screen. For that reason alone, I didn’t like it.

Spoiler . . . ish alert. NOT BIGFOOT. Because Bigfoot doesn’t exist. However, what I’d like to see is a movie where decisions were made based on real life and the people still get fucked over! That would be more scary than anything.

Another reason to not watch found-footage movies. This one wasn’t the worst, but wasn’t the best. At least the camera was fairly steady. There were some cool moments. All in all . . . Bad


  1. I've been waiting patiently for a US release date on this movie so I can see it. I've heard great reviews and the trailer looks amazing. Monster galore. Enjoyed the review

  2. If you mean Dead Shadows, K.N., it'll be worth the wait. A must see for horror fans for sure :) Fingers crossed it arrives on our shores soon. Thanks for posting!


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