Friday, October 19, 2012

Jason and Shawn review Bait 3D and Compliance

Bait 3D

Jason: For a movie that's one of the silliest sounding ideas on paper, Bait 3D actually turned out to be more fun than I thought. How's that? Easy: sharks + eating people = awesome!

The cast did a good job here, and what a lovely assortment of ladies. Rrrowwr. There were times when this movie felt like a wet T-shirt contest. I could have done without all the melodrama between shark attacks, but beggars can't be choosers.

When the chips were down, Bait 3D was a shark-attack movie in a supermarket. People are eaten and, in one case where live bait is used, I was cheering out loud. Will I watch it again? Yes. This is perfect Friday night fare. A Good from me.

Shawn: Waaayyy better than I expected. Holy shit. Ha ha. I was thinking this would fall in the realm of the Megasharktocroctapuss-style movies, but it had decent acting, great effects, good sharks etc. It felt like a Final Destination movie, back when they had the money to do the kills really well. That I dug.

The pleasant surprise was this was exactly what I was looking for -- a mindless movie about a shark or two in a supermarket. Eating people. Yeah, ironic . . . ish. Dug it. Giving it a Good.


Jason: And to think this was made by one of the creators of Homestar Runner!?!

Based on a true story? You bet. Some quick research revealed this shit actually happened. Seventy such incidents in 30 U.S. States during a single decade. Yup, there are that many sheeple out there willing do what some nameless voice on the phone tells them.

Compliance is more like a found-footage movie than most found-footage movies. This movie feels real. It's hard to watch at times and writer/director Craig Zobel doesn't even show you much . . . save for Dreama Walker's great boobs. And given what this gal went through, I feel dirty for saying that.

Great performances, especially from Walker, Ann Dowd and Pat Healy as the sicko on the phone. They keep this slow-paced movie afloat. It's an engrossing enough watch, especially once. And pretty brazen at times. But I wouldn't call it entertaining. A Bad from me.

Shawn: This is by far the stupidest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I can't even fathom the concept and the ridiculousness that this was built on . . . real life! Maybe it's my background in security and surveillance, or maybe it's my common sense and humanity. Jesus Christ.

"Tell you what, I ain't doing shit until a uniformed officer arrives. I can't identify you over the phone, thank you for the information, now, fuck off!" That's all anyone had to say.

Getting passed the stupidity, the movie is very well constructed and well made. It's well acted and well directed. I can see this movie being loved or hated. Nothing in between. I hated this movie for its sheer stupidity. If this really is inspired by true events, I feel bad for the victims. I also feel bad for humanity. Seriously?

I'm not going to give it an Ugly though. It deserves better for how it was made. But holy fuck is it stupid. Bad.

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