Thursday, September 13, 2012

The buzz is back in Texas Chainsaw 3D

I've avoided posting anything on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot because I generally hate the idea of rebooting anything, especially a horror franchise that already had a reboot 10 short years ago.

How many times I can write reboot in a sentence? More than once is too much.

Now we've got a trailer for the upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D, which means we're not only getting an unwanted remake, but one that'll cost us three extra dollar to watch. Suck squared.

At least the cast is pretty. We've got Alexandra Daddario once again playing a horror victim (she was stalked before in Bereavement). And she's backed up nicely by Tania Raymonde. And yeah, Leatherface and his chainsaw are back.

I've never understood the appeal of these movie as they're far from my favourite horror franchise. I did dig the 2003 version with Jessica Biel, but enough already.

For those who care, Texas Chainsaw 3D hits theatres Jan. 4, 2013 under the direction of John Luessenhop. And we've got the trailer for your eye holes as well.

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