Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shawn Reviews: Ted

Are you a fan of the show Family Guy?  If not, and it offends you, GTFO.

This was Seth Macfarlane's first kick, at the cat, on the big screen.  In terms of that, it was a solid "Chuck Norris roundhouse" of a kick.  Well for me anyways.

I'm a fan of Family guy. I've always wondered what the hell Seth would do, without the boundaries of prime time T.V.

Was not disappointed in the least.

This was not Family Guy, either.  This was a story about a teddy bear brought to life, by a fucked up magical wish.

Flash fucking Gordon.  Yeah, I said that.  He's in it.  Patrick Stewart as the narrator and even Tiffany (I Think We're Alone Now), was included, in a very disturbing way.

The trailers are what scared me. I thought this might be like The Other Guys (starring Wahlberg), where the trailers showed all the funny bits.  Then the rest of the movie sucked.

This was not the case here.  The parts they show in the trailers were just parts of the movie.  The movie was hilarious from beginning to end.  I was entertained, the whole way through, by every aspect.  It's getting a GOOD from me.

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  1. Good review Shawn. The idea of having a talking teddy bear, smoking pot and boning hookers, seems totally stupid but that’s just the point here! Everything is so stupid and raunchy, but MacFarlane puts his own, little witty spin on it that made me laugh more than I expected.