Monday, September 10, 2012

A couple of bad asses join Gina Carano In the Blood

We've heard nothing about the upcoming action/thriller In the Blood until today, when The Basement learned MMA star and hottie Gina Carano would be joined by a couple of bad asses like Machete and the bad guy from Avatar.

Carano stars as a wife who's husband disappears while the couple are vacationing in the Caribbean. Believing he's been kidnapped, she passionately pursues the men responsible.

Stpehen Lang plays Carano's hard-nosed father, who raised her with a particular set of skills, skills that make her a nightmare for bad people everywhere. Danny Trejo will play one of said bad people.

John Stockwell directs the film, which begins shooting in November with a release some time in 2013.

This sounds like a direct-to-DVD feature, but Carano's presence has me interested. She was the best part of Haywire, and has all the chops she needs to be the next big action heroine. Lang and Trejo are sufficiently bad ass, but our eyes are on Carano.

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