Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wanna write for The Basement?

Jason, Shawn, Mike S, Matt Bellamy, Anthony Michael Bosa and Game Time With Greg. All these names should mean something to regular listeners and readers. They are the names that make The Basement tick.

Not content to stick with the status quo, The Basement is always looking to expand and improve. To do that, we need help.

We're looking for people willing to volunteer their mad writing and reviewing skills in order to provide content for The Basement, be it through movie reviews, news stories or editorials. If you've read the site, you know exactly what we're looking for. This isn't Shakespeare, it's The Basement. We like quick and breezy text that gets to the point and shows intelligence, attitude and wit.

As stated above, this is volunteer work. We'd love to shell out some cash dollars, but we're not there yet. However, we're willing to throw a little something your way once in a while for your troubles. And you will get credit where credit is due on the radio show and podcast.

Already have a blog of your own? Fear not, we will include a link to your site in the stories you write.

Interested parties can email Thank you for your time.

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