Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shawn and Battleship. Who sinks Who

You sunk my battleship!  This movie, is only "loosely" based on the actual game, Battleship.  And by loosely, I mean, someone was likely inspired by the design graphics on a battleship game box.  Which always tantalizes a person.  Then you break out the game. Same old game.  That's cool.

Look folks, I'm a simple guy.  I like shit that blows up.  I like a good mind-erasing movie.  Throw in alien invasion and really good eye candy....sold.

I'm not going to sit here and rip the script, actors, characters or stuff.  This movie wasn't designed with Academy Awards in mind. Even though Liam Neeson was in it.  It wasn't designed to be complex, in fact, where there were cliché moments, it was likely on purpose.

Yes, the ending brings a lot of Hollywood cheese.  Whoopty doo.  I've seen far worse cheese, get called award winning.

This movie was a long one too.  2 hrs 11 minutes or so.  It seemed to be able to carry me for the full running length.  There was enough of a side story, as filler, which included ACTUAL war vet Colonel Gregory D Gadson.  Pretty cool. 

Sure, I was reminded of Independence Day. (loved that movie),  Transformers (pick one) and even the video game Halo.  But this wasn't any of those.  Or even a rip off.  Ok, well maybe the aliens suits, were pretty much full out Halo gear. Haha.  But still.  This movie was incredibly underrated.

I'm giving it a Good.  Not for its' Academy Award winning anything...but because it entertained me, without making me think.  With very minimal gore and no boobies, that is a tough feat.

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