Friday, June 8, 2012

Gone Fishing 3: Vacation Harder

Loyal and long-term Basement Dwellers know Shawn and I hold down day jobs. The Basement, at least for now, is just a passion project that allows us to escape the daily grind. But day jobs do come with a perk: paid vacation time!

Starting today at 7 p.m. PST I am on 23 glorious days off. Shawn's holiday time looms. That means time out of the city: fishing, camping, cabining, kayaking, beering. You know the drill.

Which means updates to this site will likely become a little more sporadic during the next couple of months. But we'll update as often as we can. Given that this site was updated 345 out of 365 days last year, we should be able to post stories, reviews, trailers and geek news with relative frequency this summer.

We just didn't want you thinking you aren't appreciate in The Basement. We love you all individually and as a group. And we'll be updating at least six times a week again in September, with Season Four kicking off the first week of October.

Stick with us! And enjoy this preview for my favourite movie from the summer of 1986!

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