Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tom Six promises one final Human Centipede

I have yet to endure The Human Centipede: Full Sequence. It's something I will watch, but intend to put off for as long as possible. Shawn dug the shit out of it, so that means I will catch it eventually. Just. Not. Right. Now.

But Tom Six, the depraved mind who wrote and directed the first two movies, has promised a third and final chapter. On Twitter.

His latest tweet is, and I quote: Yes twitters. What happened to Lindsay stuck in between two corpses in and Martin's strange ending?: I will reveal all in

Yup. Swiped that shit right of the page. Wanna fight about it? But the real question is, how many people really care to watch another Human Centipede movie? Knowing what us horror nerds are like, it doesn't matter if we care or not. Human Centipede 3 will get made, and we'll watch it.

Stick with us! We'll keep you posted on the project as it develops.

On an unrelated note: what is it with Six and that fucking hat!?!

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  1. Shawn here...I have that hat. I'm going to wear it now. A lot. Haha.