Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shawn reviews The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)

Remember when I said I wasn't interested in a second version of ass-to-lips gore porn?

Well, what kind of "B" movie critics would we be if we didn't look into something like this?

The first hour is an incredibly dark look at the main character, Martin. Where his intent is to finish the Dr.'s work from the first film, except Martin is not a doctor,(completely opposite from the first movie actually) and is coined "mentally retarded" by his own family doctor.  Who isn't so awesome in the head, himself.

This is not a scary movie. However, the things they didn't show in the first movie, (happened off screen) you see in full view, in this one.  All be it black and white.(Minus a nice treat at the end...*shudders*)  The black and white really didn't ruin it.

This movie is pure gore porn.  The first hour wasn't bad, and if you are a genre-aholic, you'll dig it.  It is dirty, filthy, disturbing, and violent as fuck thrasher/killer style.

The ass-to-mouth sequence is still a little ridiculous in my mind.  Not really seeing the fetish there. So it really detracts from what I was enjoying in this movie.  It's just stupid, but does add the element NO OTHER movie would, after going as far as this movie did, during the first hour.  But it keeps getting darker, and far more disturbing.

So, where does that leave my thoughts?  I'm a little unsure myself.  As a genre-movie lover, this was fantastic on so many fronts. I feel kinda guilty for liking it as much as I did.  I really kinda want to give this a Good for that.  I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again, but...maybe I would watch it if it were on.

For now, until my brain wraps around what I just watched, I gotta give it a Good.  Still stupid in concept, but a far more superior movie than the first one.


  1. I haven't watched either films but I loved this review (made me giggle how you're not sure if you like it haha, I'd be the same!!)

    Not sure if I should watch either, don't want to regret it... enjoy reading reviews on it though. The poster is well...


  2. Thanks man! I gotta say, I highly recommend the first hour for any B movie lover. After that, you are on your own. haha. Lips to ass. Fuckin weird.

    Also, there is a newborn baby scene in it, that some might find offensive. But it IS just a movie.

    Glad you enjoyed the review, and Yeah, I think I'm sticking with a good.


    1. I've been avoiding this since it came out. I LOVE the first one despite its heavy reliance on cliches. Everything I read about this one, though, didn't seem too good. I don't need to actually see all that gross shit. The first one implied it/showed it at the exact right ratio.

      All that being said, I'll watch it. I think it's on Netflix Instant.

  3. @ Sir Phobos...

    Let us know what you think, when you watch it. I watched it on netflix.

    It's definitely gross, but it suits this particular film. It isn't like the first one, at all. Almost the complete opposite, if you know what I mean.

    Cheers for the reply!