Friday, May 4, 2012

Micro Review: Haywire

As good as parts of Haywire are, the whole just isn't as satisfying as I'd hoped. And that's a shame too as director Steven Soderbergh brings his trademark visual style and retro vibe to what could have been a solid action flick. And he cast MMA babe and all around badass chick Gina Carano. Unfortunately, aside from a few signature bone-breaking moves and looking really, really good, Carano is given very little to do here. Nor is Soderbergh's awesome supporting cast. Bill Paxton? Fuck yeah! Michael Douglas? Still a class act. There's some good fights, but the action never escalates, nor do we fear for our lovely leading lady's safety. There's no doubt she'll pull through, and the film ends more with a thud than a bang. I can't wait to see Carano in another action movie, one worthy of her talents. The Expendables 3 maybe? That said, Haywire gets a Bad.

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