Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Suit up in this Avengers TV spot

Call me lazy, but I enjoy posting shit from Joss Whedon's upcoming super-hero epic The Avengers. I see a clip, I want to post. I see a TV spot, I want to post. It's a no-brainer. Just like beer and hot wings.

The TV spot below is loaded with action, the sexy Scarlett Johansson kicking ass, the awesomeness that is Robert Downey Jr. and a smiling Hulk. I suspect he's smiling because he's about to smash something. I'm cool with that.

The film hits theatres May 4 -- that's less than a month's time! The wife and I are gonna need to secure a babysitter stat. Until then, The Basement will continue to post Avengers deets as we see fit. Sue us. You can't get blood from a stone anyway.

In addition to Johansson and Downey Jr., The Avengers stars the Chrises Evans and Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo and some guy named Samuel L. Jackson.


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  2. Thanks a lot Lou! We appreciate your readership!