Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revenge backfires in Seeking Justice

We're by no means huge Nicolas Cage fans here in The Basement. I dig his 1990s action flicks and a handful of his other films. Shawn resents him for being cast as Superman at one point in his career.

But neither of us can deny that Anchor Bay releases some damn fine genre films. So we're probably going to give Cage's latest movie, Seeking Justice, a view whence it comes out. Why? Well, for one, his co-stars are Guy Pearce, who is no acting slouch, and hottie January Jones. As for the plot? Read on:

Cage stars as Will Gerard, a man whose wife is violently assaulted by a criminal. Stricken with anger, Gerard is approached by Simon, who claims to represent a group of  concerned citizens who enact vigilante justice against unpunished offenders roaming the city. Gerard accepts Simon’s offer of vengeance, but the price is high: Simon wants a dirty deed in exchange for a dirty deed.

Sure, the movie was made more than three years ago -- never a good sign -- but the preview promises some decent action. We'll know more when Seeking Justice hits theatres March 16. Until then, give the trailer a watch and share your thoughts. Does it look Good, Bad or Ugly?

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