Monday, January 9, 2012

A killer trip to the bank in ATM

I think this trailer for the new slasher movie ATM is proof filmmakers are running out of ideas.

For one, I'm not sure how they can milk the formula of three people trapped at an automated teller machine by a killer interesting for 90 minutes. Plus, as a character says in the preview below, there's three of them and only one killer. Just rush the fucker, get it over with, and go grab a beer or something.

But discounting a movie based on a trailer is almost as bad as getting too hyped up for one because of the same. And the film does star Alice Eve who is, well, hot. So I'm half way there already.

David Brooks directs from a script by Chris Sparling, who penned the incredible Buried. That just increased my interest level. Hopefully he kept the plot holes to a minimum and we don't spend the entire running time watching people stand around looking scared.

No word yet on when this hits theatres, but we'll keep you posted.

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