Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jason and Shawn review: Red: Werewolf Hunter and Assassination Games

Red: Werewolf Hunter

Jason: A cardinal sin with film criticism is comparing the movie you are watching to the movie you hoped to see. Yet I committed this sin over and over again while watching Red: Werewolf Hunter. Everyone involved in this movie thought they were creating Shakespeare. This is a serious melodrama about people who just happen to be killing werewolves. I wanted a fun, campy, gory, violent exploitation movie with flippant humour, boobies and lots and lots attitude. I mean, this is called Red: Werewolf Hunter for Christ sake. Come on! I only got about 15 minutes of what I was looking for, so this rates a Bad for me.

Shawn: This was on SyFy channel? Really? Cool! If I were watching the SyFy channel this would have been a welcome surprise. I dug the whole concept and was fairly entertained. The effects are filled with plenty of cheese, but the werewolf design wasn't bad at all. Not Dog Soldiers, but OK for CGI. The lack of funding hurt what this movie could have been, but the makers were able to escape the low budget with a little creativity. All in all, this is a cheesy made-for-TV movie and I didn't mind it. It isn't Good, therefor it's Bad. But I didn't mind the ride.

Assassination Games

Jason: I'm going to admit right off the top that I was let down by Assassination Games, but only because I expected a balls-to-the wall action flick and didn't get it. Instead, I got a movie that tried very hard to have an intricate plot and a heart. A Van Damme movie with heart? Go figure! The man himself impressed me. Van Damme can fucking act. And he can still kick. He's the glue that holds this movie together. I wanted more ass kicking from him than I got here, but he still delivers. So does the limited amount of action that's in this movie. This is an enjoyable enough action film, but I wanted more. Assassination Games gets a Bad from me.

Shawn: I've been watching a lot of Jean-Claude Van Damme movies lately and have been surprised by his ability to actually act. That said, he's been typecast as a depressed, old, ass kicker because he does it so well. Who am I kidding? I loved Bloodsport, so acting isn't really high on my priority list. Van Damme rocks some one-liners in this movie. Some work, some don't. I particularly like "People choose how they will die by how they choose to live." All that said, this movie is awesome. I dug it a lot, even though the story is slightly cheesy. It was still brutal, satisfying and a definite Good from this Basement Dweller.


  1. Red:werewolf hunter i havent seen this but why is the corpse in the caption burning and she is hold a pistol have we advanced technology far enough that a nine mil is a friggin flame thrower??

  2. Werewolves burst into flames when hit with silver bullets in this movie. So they can, you know, copy the Blade effect.