Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Am Bruce Lee. I wish!

If Shawn doesn't demand we review this documentary on the show I'm going to throat punch an infant. Not MY infant mind you, but a mutant zombie one for sure.

The legendary martial artist died way too young, depriving the world of his talent, philosophies, and wicked cool movies. Basement Dwellers will remember that Enter the Dragon was Shawn's pick for our first Movies You Need To See Before You Die episode, and I cannot disagree. No one rocked it like Bruce Lee.

Along comes this documentary made with the co-operation of Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee, and wife, Linda Lee Cadwell. The focus of the film is on Lee (duh) and those who have been influenced by his legacy and beliefs. The project also promises to show us rare footage and photographs of the Father of Martial Arts.

Sign me up! I love a good doc, and who isn't hungry for a little more of Bruce Lee? The film hits theatres in limited release Feb. 9.

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