Thursday, January 12, 2012

Briana Evigan joins The Devil's Carnival

Any excuse to post a pic of the lovely Briana Evigan is a good excuse in my book. And hey, it's horror-related news, so why the deuce not!?!

Evigan, the hottie who starred in Burning Bright and Sorority Row, has signed on to Darren Lynn Bousman's 45-minute experimental short film The Devil's Carnival. The latest genre offering from Bousman, who helmed several of the Saw movies plus Mother's Day, The Barrens, the non-Asylum 11-11-11 and Repo: The Genetic (spits) Opera.

She joins Taryn Manning and Bill Moseley in the short, which is a quasi musical about a carnival run by the devil. The musical aspect turns me right off, but with Evigan in it . . . Yeah. I might just give it a shot. And it's only 45 minutes. Right?

Not much more is known about the project, but we'll try and keep you Basementites in the loop.

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