Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Bereavement and Stake Land


Jason: Prequels rarely work, and this is another example of why. If you've seen the superior Malevolence, then you know the entire plot of Bereavement is laid out in that film's final five minutes. There's just not enough story to sustain the hour and 45 minute running time. Fortunately the last 40 minutes or so play like gangbusters with suspense and a bloody climax where almost everyone dies (spoiler alert). Stevan Mena wants to be John Carpenter, right down to composing his own music, but he needs to work on his scripts a bit more. A Bad for me.

Shawn: Here's a movie that has the elements of a good horror film, but it could have been creepier, scarier and darker. It tried though. Yet, in the end, it just didn't do it for me. And for the love of all things horror, maybe you could show us a little more gore. JUST blood no longer counts. Wanna split someone's head open with a shovel? Might as well show me. You wanted to be bloody, didn't you? Didn't you? This had potential, but was caught pooch screwing on the line of horror and thriller. Boo! Pick one. If you can't, I will. Bad!

Stake Land

Jason: It's like Zombieland with vampires instead of zombies and it's not funny. Not. One. Bit. It's a dark, gritty movie that creates a compelling and believable world, one of the best ever put on film. If a vampire apocalypse were to happen, the world would end up like this. Not could, WOULD! And the vampires here almost single-handedly repair all the damage the Twilight series has done to cinematic bloodsuckers. But, and this a heavy but, the characters make two big mistakes that A) allow them to be captured by the film's human bad guys and B) gets one of the characters killed. These mistakes go against the realism at play in the rest of the film and are made to serve the story. Lazy writing!. That and the film's sluggish pace hold this movie in the Bad.

Shawn: Right to the nitty gritty. Baby eaten not even five minutes in. Line crossed in five minutes. This has promise. This movie moved, and felt a lot like, The Road. But where The Road bored me because of the purely survival stuff and dismal circumstances, this movie kicked my ass. It was still dismal, and moved at the pace of misery, but not a bad misery. We had reason. Where we have reason, we have fulfillment. This has to be my favourite apocalyptic movie in recent years. Gore, misery, titties (on playing cards) zombie-vampires -- not sparkly gay ones. Just pure awesome here. Not giving this a Good would be ridiculous.

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