Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Enter the Dragon and Running Scared

Enter the Dragon

Jason: Watching this again, for the first time in 25 years, I realized I had forgotten how great Bruce Lee was. He didn't need wire work, fancy camera tricks or CGI to make his mastery of the martial arts impressive. All a director had to do was turn the camera on and Lee delivered. No one, not Tony Jaa, Jackie Chan or Jet Li had moves like Lee. He's still is the master. And Enter the Dragon is still a lot of fun. A Good for sure.

Shawn: Here is a movie that's older than I am, and everything I've done in my life in terms of martial arts has stemmed from this movie. Whether YOU hate it or love it, you can't go without seeing it at least once, especially if you call yourself a movie fan. Not just for broadening your cinematic horizons, but for the straight-up legitimate kung fu action! Bruce Lee at his finest. A Good from me!

Running Scared

Jason: This isn't a movie that goes over the top, it resets the bar for kinetic energy and audacity. There's more profanity and blood spilled in the first six minutes than mainstream Hollywood delivers in a year. The pedophile/child killer sequence is super creepy and disturbing and they don't show you anything. The film is a modern Grimm's Fairy Tale for people who like gritty crime thrillers, and it's cool! Even Paul Walker is good in it. A Good for those you like something different.

Shawn: I can see why Jay picked this movie. I was actually surprised he didn't pick the original Halloween or The Strangers. This is also one of my favourite movies. I haven't watched it a billion times, but I've enjoyed it every single time I've watched it. It takes a lot of twists and turns and is filled to the seams for the full two hours . . . and there isn't one part that isn't awesome. Nice pick, Jay. A Good here too!

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