Friday, April 15, 2011

Episode XXVII: Movies You Need To See Vol. 1

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bruce Lee!

Tonight, Shawn and I are going to share two movies we think you need to see. Perhaps you already have, perhaps not, but we're going to put out a suggestion each for films we think NEED to be a part of every movie fan's collection.

Coming up with our selections wasn't easy. There's a lot of great films out there and picking just one took a lot of effort, which is why we will revisit the subject from time to time, building the ultimate Basement movie library.

Being a martial artist, Shawn went with Bruce Lee's 1973 classic Enter the Dragon, the first martial arts film produced by a major Hollywood studio. It's been ages since I've watched it, and I look forward to hearing why Shawn thinks it's required viewing.

As for me, I went with 2006's Paul Walker action flick Running Scared. Some might find it hard to believe that Walker made a solid film outside of The Fast and The Furious franchise, but you better believe it. Tonight I will tell you why!

We've also got the usual mix of music, movie news and our thoughts on the Top 5 best movie kills of all time. We promise if you tune in tonight at 10 p.m. PST at, Shaw Cable 106.1 or 92.FM CFBX Kamloops it will be an hour of radio you won't regret.

And now, a look at tonight's feature presentations:

Enter the Dragon

Running Scared

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