Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another reason not to care about a Crow reboot

It's bad enough Hollywood is remaking The Crow, but the fact Focus Features has been sniffing out the wrong stars for lead makes it even worse.

First Mark Wahlberg was tapped to play Eric Draven, the murdered rock singer who returns from the grave to avenge his wife's murder. We in The Basement breathed a sigh of relief when Wahlberg dropped out of the project, but now word has it A-Team and Hangover star Bradley Cooper is locked for the role and I feel my stomach acid boil over once again.

It's not that Cooper and Wahlberg are bad actors. I don't mind either of them depending on the role. But neither is Crow material. In fact none of the stars who played Draven after the late, great Brandon Lee nailed the part like he did.

It takes more than long hair and face paint to make the character work. Lee had a charisma and presence none of the other actors share. And he wasn't a pretty boy like Cooper or Wahlberg. Truth be told, nothing about this project feels right and I doubt I'll watch the new Crow when it hits theatres. I'll stick to the original instead.

28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has been tapped to helm the remake.


  1. I would have to agree. I enjoyed Cooper in "The A-Team". He fits the role of a handsome smooth talker- not an independant, garage band type character who is also murdered.

    Ditto for Wahlberg. I've liked him in certain roles (though appearing in "The Happening" lost him some cred, I'm afraid), but this is not one that he could pull off I think.

    To be perfectly honest, I feel that trying to remake the original is a bit insulting to the memory of Brandon Lee.