Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trailer Alert: the full trailer for Fast Five

Another day, another Vin Diesel update. What can I say? The man gets around.

Below is the latest preview for the upcoming Fast Five, which re-teams Diesel with Paul Walker and pits both original cast members against The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson. And it looks like Diesel and Johnson throw down. Sold!

I've enjoyed most of The Fast and the Furious movies and think this looks like it could be the best since the first. It's nice to see a move toward more practical stunts and, after watching the preview twice, I want to own a Dodge Charger now more than ever.

Fast Five is due out April 29.


  1. I kinda liked the first one, but hated the sequals though. I MIGHT watch this one because I do like Vin D, and "The Rock"... and if they DO throw down... sweet!

  2. And I thought The Rock was gonna be a protagonist on this one. Oh well. It's been a while since he's on the antagonist's side. When was the last time? The Mummy, right? I'll be looking forward to this one!