Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jason and Shawn review: Sharktopus and Burning Bright


Jason: This movie isn't as fun as the title suggests. It gives us what we want, which is lots of boobs, blood and a cool beast. There are a lot of kills here, but they do get redundant. The effects are better than both Mega Shark movies put together and, although the acting is pretty bad, everything works on the level of a late night horror movie. If I had a better time with it, Sharktopus would rate a Good. Instead, I have to give it a Bad.

Shawn: A low-budget movie featuring the great Eric Roberts, who was introduced to me in 1989's martial art movie The Best of the Best, which was awesome. He's not really a B-movie actor anymore, but it's good to see him stepping into these roles. Sharktopus is a good B-movie; fun and entertaining but predictable. Not the kind you watch more than once, which means it's a Bad in my books.

Burning Bright

Shawn: A people-eating tiger movie where no people get eaten. An under-clothed hottie and her autistic brother survive some intense moments and only one person gets eaten, and it's not very yucky, violent or scary. That said, the movie looks good, is very suspenseful and the main actress doesn't make stupid decisions. She reacts well to the situation. Still, I was disappointed, and I'm giving it a Bad.

Jason: Jaws on land. That's the best way to describe Burning Bright, although it isn't as good as Jaws. This is a tight thriller with lots of expertly executed suspense. Briana Evigan acts as good as she looks, and she looks great. I believed her and her relationship with the autistic brother. Burning Bright is a solid horror movie, and one of the best I've reviewed in The Basement. A Good for me.

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